Our team at the AAIE Institute for International School Leadership is continually striving to give our participants an engaging course experience. We’re also committed to keeping our course content relevant and up to date with our ever evolving educational landscape. The following outlines several new updates to our AAIE courses.

Content Updates:

  • All courses are now aligned to the AAIE Leadership Challenge, which was conducted in 2018 to identify the top challenges of internationals school leaders.
  • Updated resources have been added in order to help course participants ‘dig deeper’ into issues and educational content.
  • We’ve included more practical assessments that can be put to immediate use by a school leader.
  • We’ve included more relevant case studies that highlight the practical applications of concepts.

Design Updates:

ADA Compliance

Header images and colors are consistent between modules to help students find their place throughout the course and adheres to ADA compliance requirements. We’ve also redesigned course case studies which make them easier to read.


Our course redesign caters to the needs of the student. The “F” pattern design works with the reader’s natural behavior to view content left to right and top to bottom keeping the information in order of importance. Other functionality updates include:

  • Navigation/menu changes make it easier for students to move around the course and modules.
  • Bottom navigation allows students to jump forward and back between modules, activities, and case studies.
  • Case studies are built out as plain text and accompanied by a user accessible PDF versions. (Here is an example of a case study A Chronicle of a Death Foretold
    (with apologies to Gabriel Garcia Marquez.)
  • Buttons added for syllabus, rubrics, and footer navigation.

Communication and Design

Each page has a clear purpose. The new grid layout arranges content into easy-to-read sections. It is now easier to distinguish the difference between resource types.

Example of page layout

Activities are differentiated by [Assignment] vs [Discussion] tags and icons. The updated cohort versions are designed to enhance collaboration between students and encourage active learning with discussions.

Discussion example

Rubrics have been added. You can find them on the activity pages. The rubrics will help clearly communicate high expectations for students.

Sample rubric

We hope you find these updates helpful and if you have any questions, please contact our team today.