Governance in International Schools

Governance in International Schools prepares you to:

  • Recognize the membership characteristics of different types of boards including elected, appointed, combined appointed and elected NGO, corporate, parent, NGO;
  • Recognize styles of Governance including traditional, Carver, elected, self-perpetuating, non-profit, for profit, proprietary, corporate;
  • Articulate an appropriate communication strategy and policy initiative execution scheme for any type of board;
  • Evaluate and appraise current research and best practices on board member roles and responsibilities, relationship management and both board member accountability and school leader performance assessment;
  • Create plans for new board member orientation and ongoing trustee education;
  • Draft board policies and recognize their utility in enhancing and maintaining school effectiveness; and
  • Identify and assess approaches to creating a school-wide strategic plan.

This course aligns to the following leadership challenge:
Board Governance and Board/Head of School Relationships

This course is for aspiring and practicing international school leaders including:

  • Heads of School
  • Deputy Heads of School
  • Principals
  • Assistant Principals
  • Curriculum Directors

Certificate Program

$725 per course

Graduate Credit*

Masters: $554 per credit or $1,662 for a three-credit course

Doctoral: $695 per credit or $2,085 for a three-credit course

*Additional courses are required for the Master’s and Doctoral programs offered at Wilkes University. Pricing is based on current tuition rates.