Situational Awareness and Diplomacy in International School Communities

Situational Awareness and Diplomacy in International School Communities prepares you to:

  • Approach legal and cultural complexities when leading and managing an international school.
  • Use this information to address current and potential problems.
  • Practice laying the groundwork for a positive relationship with diverse constituencies.
  • Ensure a safe school environment for students and staff by creating an emergency crisis plan.
  • Learn real-life strategies for both operational and emergency situations.

This course aligns to the following leadership challenge:
Host Country and School Community Relationships

This course is for aspiring and practicing international school leaders including:

  • Heads of School
  • Deputy Heads of School
  • Principals
  • Assistant Principals

Certificate Program

$725 per course

Graduate Credit*

$538 per credit or $1,614 for a three-credit course

*Additional courses are required for the Master’s and Doctoral programs offered at Wilkes University. Pricing is based on current tuition rates.