Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum is Based on Data and Feedback

In 2018, the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) surveyed over 100 AAIE members about the top leadership challenges facing international educators around the globe. Nine dominant themes emerged.

Working with curriculum specialists, we aligned the existing Institute courses to address seven of the nine themes. Additionally, we are adding new courses to the AAIE Institute to ensure all leadership challenges are integrated into our core curriculum.

The top leadership challenges as identified in the 2018 AAIE
Leadership Challenge Survey resulted in the following nine themes:

Martin Thomas

“The AAIE Institute has connected me to a network of colleagues from some of the best international schools around the world. I have found the course material to be extremely valuable and has provided me with specific strategies that I have used to help move me towards positive and effective school leadership.”

Martin Thomas, Elementary School Principal at Canadian International School